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Track Record Running Businesses

Hamburger Helper
  • Grew Dry Dinners sales and profit by 4% annually via new products, highly targeted traditional and digital advertising, and a relentless focus on delivering value to the consumer and retailer.
  • Regained General Mills' Dry Dinners category captaincy at Walmart and launched an innovative line of clean ingredient dinner kits that achieved $60MM in sales Year 1.

Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Established Honey Nut Cheerios as the nation’s #1 cereal brand with a new "Great Taste Lower Cholesterol" marketing campaign. Drove +12% compounded annual sales and profit growth.
  • Identified and championed a holistic margin management opportunity that optimized HNC’s product formulation based on what consumers value. Project resulted in cost savings of $3MM in Year 1 and $15MM in on-going, annual savings that fueled improved profitability and increased marketing spending.
  •  Launched two successful new cereal products with only four months from idea to market. Achieved Year 1 sales of $60MM and $5MM in profit. Delivered outstanding awareness through an integrated marketing campaign that included TV and digital advertising, public relations, couponing, and sampling efforts. 

Progresso Soup and Foods
  • Transformed Progresso Soup from a declining regional business into a powerful, #2 challenger brand by leveraging a better taste, better ingredients strategy. Grew sales by 44% and profit by 104% over a 3-year period.

Pillsbury Desserts
  • Reclaimed Pillsbury desserts #2 share position by redeploying spending against highest ROI business drivers.

Consulting Track Record

To respect confidentiality company names have only been shared when agreed upon by the client. 


Food, Beverage, Health, & Pet Products

holistic natural medicine
  • Led a $12MM natural health care business to double digit sales and profit growth. Successfully defended brand against competitive launch by Proctor and Gamble. Overhauled the business plan, deployed an impactful mix of digital and guerrilla marketing efforts to build awareness, trial, and repeat. Expanded ACV +6 points with gains at a national grocery retailer and drug store chain. Increased positive social proof via influencer outreach program and e-commerce reviews. Tested strategic growth ideas including sampling, online lead generation, and club store channel expansion.

USAID Serbia
  • Led international project to accelerate growth in Serbia’s agricultural and natural food sectors. Laid groundwork for future CPG food investment and increase employment.

Finnegans Beer
  • Developed strategic growth ideas for a regional beer company to optimize and expand cause marketing efforts. Presented recommendations to Board of Directors that resulted in new distribution and sales initiatives.

snack launch
  • Coordinated a deep dive competitive analysis for regional snack company to determine the best strategies to enter the better-for-you snacking space. Collaborated with marketing and R&D leadership to develop an innovation roadmap as well as identify potential acquisition targets to help jump-start capabilities and growth in healthier snack space. Presented conclusions and recommendations to the board of directors.  

Ploughshare Farm
  • Developed sales and marketing plans for a regional organic farm to grow its business by identifying new distribution outlets. Doubled sales and drastically improved overall farm profitability. 

dog treat
  • Partnered with pet food start-up to identify, develop, and market five new organic, 3 ingredient or less dog treats. Launch date slated for Q4 2017. 

European Cookie Manufacturer Intro
  • Led strategic marketing efforts for a leading European cookie manufacturer to enter US market. Made product, branding, channel, and pricing strategy recommendations targeting a 2018 launch in club stores.

coffee and tea launch
  • Led product strategy and development process for a new line of organic, low-sugar refrigerated coffees and teas. Developed product positioning and marketing plans for the start-up. Formulated launch success criteria as well as assisted in identifying potential funding sources via angel investors.

Green Giant Vegetables
  • Led rigorous cross-category benchmarking project for Green Giant vegetables. Identified go-to-market best practices for other #1 and #2 share commodity-based consumable businesses. Recommendations were used to reposition the brand as well as guide product development and marketing plans.

advertising and marketing communication
  • Created proprietary marketing communications framework to help clients quickly develop, test, and execute campaigns that drive more volume and build brands with loyal consumers.

Retailers & Restaurants:

grocery retailer growth
  • Partnered with a leading grocery retailer to reinvigorate their category management process. Made recommendations across 16 categories which improved growth rates vs. competitive market by up to 15% by improving assortment and introducing natural and organic offerings.

organic food grocery
  • Consulted with national grocery retailer to revamp their organic/natural private label strategy. Identified key opportunities and prioritized product development efforts by category. 

  • Led efforts with a regional, restaurant holding company to improve marketing efforts, menu strategy, and sustainability efforts for two existing brands. Project was so successful the consulting engagement was extended to work on a new, healthy, ultra-transparent restaurant concept to be launched in 2018. 

regional coffee chain
  • Partnered with a regional, specialty coffee retailer to improve menu with new, healthier products and increase sustainability footprint. During the course of the project identified an annual cost savings opportunity of over $5 million that self-funded improved ingredient profiles while also dropping over $2 million to the bottom line.

Financial Services:

financial institution turnaround

  • Collaborated with leadership of a Top 10 bank to create new a strategic vision and marketing strategy. Worked with internal marketing team as well as advertising and design agencies to develop a new advertising campaign focused around a powerful consumer insight that unified the financial institutions efforts in mortgages, consumer deposits, investments, wealth management, and commercial lending.

community bank trust
  • Headed a community bank's efforts to successfully re-position itself within the crowded financial services space. Indentified a consumer insight especially meaningful to rejectors of bigger banks. Collaborated with advertising agency to bring the insight to life in highly targeted digital and print advertising.

Automotive & Hard Goods:

car of the future project
  • Recruited by a Big 3 auto manufacturer to help identify insights in the development of its next generation of automobiles. Key areas of interest included how sustainability, responsibly-sourced, and transparency trends will evolve and impact the automobile marketplace in the next 15 years.

innovative packaging and containers
  • Redirected and transformed the focus of a packaging technology company from a dead-end project with little consumer interest to uncovering several big profit ideas by partnering with social listening experts to mine online conversations to uncover high potential platforms. Project resulted in three new patent filings to date.  

Medical Practices:

ortho practice

  • Developed a successful social media campaign strategy for a market-leading orthopedic practice focused on sharing stories that highlighted doctor expertise, patient recovery, and successful outcomes.  

dermatology practice
  • Spearheaded the cosmetic, non-surgircal marketing efforts for a major metro dermatology clinic focused on the insight of nurture yourself. Collaborated with advertising to develop highly targeted digital and social media campaign. Increased business +65% year 1 and +45% year 2.

veterinary practice
  • Led repositioning, re-branding, and marketing efforts for a recently purchased veterinary clinic. Over 2-year period changed the business’ trajectory from -15% year on year declines to over 20% growth in sales and profits. Achieved Google search top 3 position for local vets, established 5-star ratings on Yelp and Google, and developed a successful social media strategy as well as identified significant cost savings that were used to self-fund advertising and search expenditures.


university mission and competitive
  • Spearheaded efforts for liberal arts college to bring to life it's mission through digital and social media. Identified key insights for major stakeholder groups as well as an umbrella concept to unify the college's messaging. Collaborating with advertising agency to bring these insights and umbrella concept to life and get stakeholder feedback.

non-profit board vision and mission
  • Led efforts with a local non-profit to develop a new strategic vision and mission. This work re-energized the board and helped them re-focus their resources to grow membership and increase community involvement.

food shelf
  • Worked with a local food shelf to develop a new strategic vision and mission to enable the board to better focus its resources, community outreach, and fundraising efforts.

Platform Building:

Author, Public Speaker & Blogger

author, public speaking, blogging platform

  • Launched a successful blog (under my pen name—Bruce Bradley) to help people live healthier lives by encouraging them to cook more and eat less highly processed food. Applied digital marketing, social media, and SEO knowledge to engage 40,000+ followers and reach 1 million visitors. (http://brucebradley.com/
  • Wrote FAT PROFIT$, an Amazon best-selling novel that leverages the entertainment and intrigue of the thriller genre to explore the question, “Is the food we eat safe?”
  • Leveraged my unique voice and become an advocate for eating organic, less processed food. Made appearances in international media including CNN, BBC, CBC, The Dr. Oz Show, Al Jazeera, Prevention, Reader’s Digest, Men’s Health, The Huffington Post, as well as several documentaries. 
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