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VSP Consulting is a Business Strategy and Marketing Consulting firm with offices in Denver, Colorado and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Explore our services and let us help take your business to the next level!

Strategic Vision & Planning

Your strategic vision and plan are the destination and roadmap for your business that helps build organizational alignment.

If crafted expertly your vision should also answer the crucial question "why"—a key ingredient that will engage stakeholders at all levels.

Are your vision and plans murky or, even worse, undefined? Then stop making excuses and let us help create your roadmap to success today!

strategic visioning

Business Strategy

What's your business strategy? 

Strategies should specific, actionable, and clearly define how you can uniquely win and overcome key obstacles. Not only do strategies help you decide how to allocate resources, but they also empower your organization's employees to get the crucial work done.

We work with organizations in all different industries as well as non-profits to develop strategies that deliver results. Let us help you today!

Business Strategy

Growth Idea Identification

Has your business’ growth stagnated? Is competition crowding in on your market? Or are you looking for some new sources of revenue to fuel growth?

We're committed to helping your organization find new paths for growth to reach its goals. Our experience and proven track record can fuel a start-up or re-energize your company and get it back on track.

Growth Idea Identification

New Product Strategy & Development

What's your new product strategy? Are you an innovator or a fast follower?

Knowing how and where to deploy your business resources to develop meaningful new products which drive sales and profitable growth is a core capability of any organization. 

Tap into our expertise to help jump-start your innovation!

new product strategy and development

Marketing Insights & Communication

Are your marketing dollars working hard for you?

Great marketing isn't difficult—but it's a lot more than smoke and mirrors or a pretty face. It requires telling powerful stories rooted in motivating consumer insights that engage your target and make them act.

Whether it be digital, social media, influencer, or traditional advertising, leverage our expertise to maximize your message, improve your storytelling efforts, and reach your target!

advertising and marketing communication

Project Management

Need help flawlessly executing key projects on schedule?

With over 20 years of project management experience, we know how to get the job done! Whether it's a short-term assignment or long-term project, we're ready to help you out!

project management

Team Development

Is your team working hard but still not moving fast enough?

Building a high-functioning team is critical to maximizing your resources. Learn how to make decisions, gain alignment, run meetings, increase accountability, and get things done to drive winning results!

team development

Business Analysis

If you don't understand the problems or opportunities your business faces, how can begin to know what path to take?

Understanding the root cause of what's going on with your business is the key to unlocking growth. From competitive analysis, trend-spotting, customer shipments, and consumer takeaway—we do it all!

business analysis

Brand Building

What's a brand? It's far more than a name and an identity. Great brands stand for something!

Whether you're updating an existing brand, repositioning an old brand, or creating a new brand, we can help!

Brand Building

Packaging Strategy & Development

Packaging is more than a pretty container—it's a physical embodiment of your brand.

From style, communication elements, and function, your package is most likely the single biggest way your brand can make an impact. Don't get lost on the shelf or online. Make your brand standout!

From new designs to re-designs our expertise can help you manage the process and get the most out of your packaging design agency! 

packaging design

Private Label Strategy & Development

What's the true value of your product? That's the question you need to answer when creating your private label strategy.

Thinking beyond price and building real value into your private label offering is where the opportunity lies. Leverage our expertise working with some of biggest retailers in the US to assess the competitive landscape and develop strategies to grow your business,

private label strategy and development

Economic Development

Where do you start growing you local or regional economy?

Growing an economy is a lot like growing a business—it's all about creating a vision, putting in place strategies to overcome obstacles and seize on opportunities, gaining alignment among key stakeholders, and putting in place incentives to make the most important elements happen.

Need help jump-starting your efforts? Put our expertise to use today to develop your plan!

economic development

Confidentiality You Can Trust


Your business is exactly that — your business. You can trust us to respect your organization's challenges and opportunities with the utmost of confidentiality!

Brands We've Worked On

Our brand and business experience is deep as well as diverse. Although the bulk of our work has been in consumables (Food, Beverage, Health, and Pet Products), we've completed engagements with financial institutions, car manufacturers, packaging technology firms, medical practices, and higher education institutions.

From domestic to international businesses, B2C to B2B to non-profits, we've got your organization's needs covered. And with our extensive network of experts, if we don't have what you need, we can bring in the resources to make sure your business not only succeeds but thrives!


and many, many more ...

About Bruce von Stein

Owner and President of VSP Consulting, Bruce has over 20 years of business strategy, marketing, project management, and business analysis experience.

Never one to be satisfied with the status quo, Bruce's restless curiosity and pursuit of new, better solutions have resulted in a consistent record of professional and personal achievement.

A native of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Bruce attended Davidson College where he received a B.A. in Economics. After working as a financial analyst and commercial banker in Charlotte, NC, Bruce attended Duke University's Fuqua School of Business where he received his MBA.

When he's not working, you can find Bruce spending time with his family, running, working out, exploring the great outdoors, traveling, blogging, or at work writing his next book.


"I've worked with VS Partners via a non-profit board I chair. Bruce's knowledge and experience in developing a meaningful, motivating vision was impressive. He did an excellent job challenging us to distill who we really are and what we truly want to accomplish long-term. He showed us the importance of crafting a vison that uses motivational language and imagery to really get people on board. We couldn't be more pleased with Bruce's work"

— Rebecca Bell, Chairman of PCCC

"I LOVE Bruce's work!!! WOW, what fantastic ideas! I can't wait to get him in front of our board and start brainstorming!"

— Jacquie Berglund, President at Finnegans Beer

"I've had the pleasure of working for Bruce three times in my career. He is smart, dedicated and a great marketer. Most impressive, Bruce is a leader who genuinely cares for his team and puts people first while still driving results. I would work with or for Bruce again in a heartbeat."

— Steve Paris, Senior Vice President at Aimia, Inc. Intelligent Shopper Solutions

"Bruce is a highly skilled and deeply versatile marketing leader. He leads with a clear, compelling vision and a strategic sense of how to get the most of out of his P&L. He's also a committed team leader, focused on building teams that deliver great results."

— Jim Cuene, President at Go Kart Labs

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